marți, 26 aprilie 2011

The threat of hell

Wayne Jacobsen: "When we use the threat of hell to motivate people to come to God, we are using it in a way Jesus never did and in a way he never intended. In doing so, we push people farther away from God`s greatest desire rather than inviting them closer to it.
His message was not "Come to God or you`ll burn in hell". His message was "God`s Kingdome has come near you and you can become a participant in it. You have a Father who love you more than any other person ever has or ever will, and you can now discover what it means to have a daily relationship with him. If you choose not to, then your own sin will destroy you utterly and completely.""

duminică, 17 aprilie 2011

Paradoxul mincinosului

"Eu mint acum."

Daca propozitia este adevarata, trebuie sa fie in acelasi timp falsa (intrucat va fi adevarat ca "eu mint acum"), iar daca propozitia este falsa, in acelasi timp va trebui sa fie adevarata (pentru ca inseamna ca spun adevarul daca este fals ca mint).

marți, 12 aprilie 2011

Christianity today

Wayne Jacobsen: "Christianity has become far removed from its central purpose. Instead of desiring to walk in friendship with Him, we are only preoccupied with securing His goodies. It`s His blessing we want, not Him!"

joi, 7 aprilie 2011

Scoala de la Megara...

... care combina invataturile lui Socrate cu cele ale lui Parmenide, s-a evidentiat mai ales prin cercetarile cu caracter logic. Nu le lipsea insa membrilor sai nici simtul umorului, precum celui care il intreba odata pe stoicul Zenon "daca isi mai bate tatal?" punandu-l astfel intr-o situatie compromitatoare pe sarmanul filosof, intrucat atat un raspuns pozitiv, cat si unul negativ il punea intr-o lumina proasta.