luni, 20 februarie 2012

If you can`t hate, you can`t love!

John Piper: Genuine love must hate in order to be love. If there were a universe in which there was no evil, hurting people and dishonoring God, that statement would be false, in fact would be no such thing like hate in such universe, it would not exist, would be nothing to hate. We do not live in that universe. In this world, fallen world, where is evil hurting people and dishonoring God, you got to hate that or you can`t love people. You can not be a non-hating anything person and be a loving person. A lot of people have this notion that love is always smooth, love is always easy, love is always gentle, love doesn’t speak in negative, love is always soft… NO way, NOT in this world. If you don`t hate anything in this world you can not possible love because things are killing people, things are destroying people, this are dishonoring God. If you can`t hate, you can`t love. Love has hate in it. If love is doing of good for people, love is the hating of what destroys people.

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